World’s Largest & Smallest Country, Place

World Largest-Smallest-General Knowledge Questions and Answers updated on Jul 2019

                                                         World’s Largest & Smallest Country, Place etc…

Largest Country       –  Russia  (17,075,200 km2 (6,591,027 mi2)

Smallest Country     –  Vatican City Size: 0.17 sq. mi. (0.44 km²)Rome, Italy -Europe

Largest Continent     –  Asia, 17,212,2000 square miles

Smallest Continent   –  Australia,312,2000 square miles

Largest Gulf             –  Gulf of Mexico, 615,000 square miles

Largest Bay             –  The Bay of Bengal, 1,300,000 square miles

Largest Island          –  Greenland, 839,999 square miles

Largest peninsula     –  Arabia.

Largest bay             –   Hudson Bay, Canada.

World’s Largest & Smalllest Rivers, Sea, Ocean, Mountains, Waterfall etc..

Longest River        –   The Nile, Africa, 4,180 miles

Shortest River        –   The Roe, Montana, US, 200 feet long

Largest River         –   The Amazon, South America, basin of 2,500,000 square miles

Largest Sea           –  The Mediterranean Sea, 1,144,800 square miles

Largest Ocean       –   Pacific Ocean, 60,060,700 square miles

Deepest Ocean      –   Pacific Ocean, average depth 13,215 feet

Smallest Ocean     –   Arctic Ocean, 5,427,000 square miles

Largest Lake          –   Caspian Sea, 152,239 square miles

Largest Freshwater Lake   –   Lake Superior, US-Canada, 31,820 square miles

Highest Lake                    –    Titicaca in Peru, 12,500 feet above sea level

Lowest Lake                    –  The Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan, surface of water 1,349 feet below sea level

Largest Lagoon                 –    Lagoa dos Patos, Brazil, 150 miles long, 4,500 square miles

Largest Waterfall             –    Angel Falls, Venezuela, 3,212 feet high

Deepest Underwater Trench       – Marina Trench, 200 miles southwest of Guam in the Pacific Ocean,36,198 feet below the ocean surface

Highest Mountain                          – Mount Everest, Himalayan Mountains, Nepal-Tibet, 29,035 feet above sea level

The lowest mountain range                – Buena Bhaile.

Longest Mountain Range                   – The Andes of South America, 5,000 miles

Lowest Point on land                     – The Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan, water surface 1,349 feet below sea level

Largest Gorge                                  –  Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Arizona, US, 217 miles long, 4-18 miles wide, 1 mile deep

Deepest Gorge                                  –  Hells Canyon, Snake River, Idaho, 7,900 feet deep


 World’s Largest & Smallest Places, Buildings etc…

Largest museum         –  American Museum of Natural History.

Tallest tower               –  C. N. Tower, Toronto, Canada.

Largest airport            –  King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia.

Largest church           –  Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome.

Tallest statue             –  Spring Temple Buddha, China -153 m (502 ft) total monument height

Largest railway tunnel –  Seikan Tunnel, Japan – Once completed in 2016, the Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland) will be the longest railway tunnel in the world.

The largest cinema     –  Fox theatre, Detroit, USA.

Tallest office building   – Sears Tower, Chicago.

Largest Archipelago    –  Indonesia, 3,500-mile stretch of 17,000 islands


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