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Physics question & answer

by May 9, 2019 Uncategorized
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Physics question & answer

General Knowledge – Physics

Physics is the study of the natural world. It deals with the fundamental particles of which the universe is made, and the interactions between those particles, the objects composed of them (nuclei, atoms, molecules, etc) and energy. Physics is the science of Nature - of matter and energy in space and time.

General Knowledge – Physics

the action of interfering or the process of being interfered with.
"concerns about government interference in church life"
synonyms:intrusion, intervention, intercession, involvement, impinging, encroaching, trespass, trespassing, obtrusion

General Knowledge – Physics

a piece  of glass or other transparent material with curved sides for concentrating or dispersing light rays, used singly (as in a magnifying glass) or with other lenses (as in a telescope).
  • the light-gathering device of a camera, typically containing a group of compound lenses.

General Knowledge – Physics

Scattering occurs when light or other energy waves pass through an imperfect medium (such as air filled with particles of some sort) and are deflected from a straight path. ... The light is deflected off of its straight path and scatters in many directions.

General Knowledge – Physics

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the
source of all true art and science.  


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